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Autonomous nonprofit organization “Scientific Center of Energy-Informational Research ”NEW DIMENSION”  presents the results of studies of selective influence on different bio-objects by means of weak electromagnetic field of the device “LAD”.


Difference of LAD’s influence from existing electropulse, VCF, IR, FRT, and other methods comes down to very small power level of LAD’s radiation and to possibility of it’s selective influence in-vivo or in-vitro.


The most convincing and significant results were obtained in studying influence of weak EM field of the device LAD on proliferation of cell cultures of normal and malignant origin. Studies were carried out in National Research Institute of a Flu (Russian Academy of Medical Sciences), Laboratory of Cell Cultures.


It was discovered, that different modes of device’s working exerted opposite influences on normal and malignant cells, the degree of influence changed in according with sinusoidal law (see Pict.1).

Maximal influence on cells was reached with one device’s set. Normal and malignant cells oppositely reacted to these modes: with one mode maximal stimulation of proliferation of normal FLHE cells was observed. The behaviour of malignant cells, like НеLa, А-549 and Jurkat was entirely different: with other mode there was maximal suppression of their growth. The effect of device’s working did not depend on cell’s origin and morphology.




During working of LAD treatment, prophylactic and rehabilitation effects have been noted.  For estimation of influence of  LAD following methods of diagnostics were used: BRT methods,. Vegetative Resonant Test and other modern techniques. During influence on rats and mice by selected fields selective influence on functional state of experimental rats and mice was revealed.


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